Included in every Zoom Whitening Kit is a sheet which details medications which are commonly considered phoreactive and Zoom maintains that that these might cause an adverse reaction if used in conjunction with the Zoom System.

It is Dr Spindel’s opinion that If you are taking one of these medications it may be advisable to consider an in office whitening system that does not utilize a UV or Laser system. For our patients taking these medications we are currently using The Nupro White Gold In-office Whitening System instead of the Zoom System.

Below is the list of medications that Discus mentions:

Generic Name Trade Name

Chlorithiazide Adoclor, Diupres, Diuril

Naprosyn Naproxen

Oxaprozin Daypro

Nabumetone Relafen

Piroxicam Feldene

Doxycycline Vibramycin, Doryx

Ciprofloxacin Cipro

Ofloxacin Floxin

Democlocyline Declomycin

Norfloxacin Chibroxin, Noroxin

Sparfloxacin Zagan

Sulindac Clinoril, Sulindac

Tetracycline Achromycin

St. john’s Wart

Isotretinoin Accutane

Tretinoin Retin A