by Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS, Sunday, July 14, 2013, 2007, 12:48 PM


July marks the thirtieth anniversary of my New York City dental practice My dental practice officially started on the upper west side of Manhattan on W 94th st. Another dentist, Dr Marvin Mansky generously let me share his office when he wasn’t there. I recruited patients from my friends and their friends. I pracitced alone without any real employees. The following year an office and a small dental practice became available on 40th st and I moved my practice downtown. Located between Madison and Park two blocks south of Grand Central Station, my new dental office was centrally located to most transportation and many midtown businesses. The practice that I took over had a long history going back to before 1946. It was a three day a week practice with one staff member and the dentist before me had done all the cleanings. Over time, I modernized the dental equipment and was able to build up the practice I added additional staff as needed as my practice grew. As time went on I took the needed continuing education courses to stay current, continued to improve my skills. For the most part I have enjoyed my dental practice and I must say that it doesn’t really seem like thirty years have gone by!