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Porcelain laminates, also termed Porcelain Veneers, involve a procedure that was invented by a New York City ceramist Adrian Jurim in about 1982. As he tells it he was trying to make a new smile for his wife and he didn’t want bonded filling material placed on her teeth nor did he want her to crown her teeth. He collaborated with several different New York City dentists in developing this technique in which a thin cosmetic layer of porcelain is bonded to enamel and the process of using porcelain veneers to cover the teeth was successfully developed . He has been granted a patent for this process of etching the veneers with hydrofluoric acid so that bonding material would stick to the porcelain(this strengthens the porcelain and allows the veneer to be attached to tooth structure.

Porcelain laminates can be a terrific way to get a new smile. In a relatively short amount of time, with out the need for extreme tooth preparation, a cosmetic dentist can create a new more pleasing smile. This is especially good for people with worn or miss positioned front teeth. Also, If after attempting bleaching, you are still unhappy with your teeth’s color, laminates can be used to change the color as well as the shape and position of your teeth. Dr. Spindel is an experienced cosmetic dentist who can specify a highly gifted and artistic technician to create your new teeth and there numerous success stories attesting the value and length of service of well done cosmetic porcelain laminates.

Before beginning this treatment Dr. Spindel sends photographs and study models to a special cosmetic dental laboratory. Usually Dr.Spindel requests that a special wax-up preposal be made so that the final result can be previewed by him and the patient. After a final smile treatment has been approved by him and the patient a beautiful final result can be accomplished in as little as one week. Preparation of the teeth is usually necessary to provide room for a ceramicist to fabricate attractive facing for the teeth that are not bulky. Although some techniques claim to not need any preparation of the teeth, lack of any preparation of the teeth tends to result in bulky, non natural looking final results.

An impression is made of the prepared teeth, the opposing teeth and a bite registration and these and other records are sent to a specialized dental laboratory for the veneer fabrication. While waiting for the final veneers the patient often doesn’t need to wear temporary restorations since the waiting time is usually about one week and the preparation of the teeth is minimal. If the patient desires, temporary veneers can be fabricated.

After the veneers have been fabricated they are tried in to check their form and color. Minor adjustments can be accomplished at this time, but if either the patient or Dr. Spindel isn’t satisfied they will have to go back to the laboratory for major changes.

Once a satisfactory result has been achieved, Dr Spindel carefully applies bonding to the teeth and places the veneers in the mouth. After placement, , excess bonding material must be carefully removed so as not to irritate the surrounding tissues. All surfaces must be carefully checked for smoothness and if any rough margins are detected they should be smoothed by the dentist at this time.

Porcelain laminates that have been properly fabricated and carefully placed can last for many years. It is not uncommon for them to remain attractive and functional in the mouth for more than ten years. Patient home care and habits are important to achieving a result that lasts… Good oral hygiene, including proper brushing and flossing technique, is a must. With that in mind, there is no reason why someone desiring a more attractive smile shouldn’t consult their dentist about whether porcelain laminate might be a good option for improving their smile.

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