Dentist New York-Dr Lawrence Spindel FAQs about crowns

FAQs about crowns

Do all crowned teeth require root canals?

No they do not. Although most back teeth after they have had a root canal do usually have a crown placed afterwords for protection, crowns can be made for teeth that have not had root canal therapy as well. These crowns are recommended to protect weakened tooth structure and to provide a long lasting restoration.

Can crowns look like real teeth?

Certain types of crowns can be extremely esthetic. All porcelain bonded crowns are probably the most esthetic and are often used to restore anterior teeth. Lava or Procera crowns are ‘metal free’ and can also look extremely real, but are more sturdy than bonded porcelain crowns. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are sturdy and esthetic but do have a metal substructure that may show on the inside of these crowns.

How many visits do I need to have a crown made?

Most crowns can be made and inserted in two visits. Some crowns require additional visits to ensure appropriate fit or color. Some crowns can be fabricated using cad cam technology in one sitting but the dental office must be equipped for this technology. Most dental offices do not offer these one visit crowns due to the expense of purchasing the equipment and many dentists have reservations about these crowns in terms of their fit and durability.

Do I need to take any special care of my crown to ensure it lasts and does not come out?

A well fitting crown is not likely to be loosed by flossing or eating normal foods. Some things people use their teeth for should be avoided. Breaking ice cubes or cracking the shells of nuts is not a good idea. Porcelain crowns are more brittle than natural teeth and it is advisable not to use crowns to break hard substances.

Do permanent crowns last a lifetime?

Usually not. Although crowns are durable and some crowns can last twenty years or more, eventually they will need to be replaced. Depending on the type of crown used crowns can experience porcelain breakage(porcelain crowns) can,recurrent decay(all types of crowns) and can even slowly wear out(gold crowns). A well made crown will tend to be extremely durable and will most likely last longer than ten years or more.