Although there is still no conclusive proof that mercury containning fillings are harmful to patients’ health, many people are uncomfortable about having amalgams(silver fillings with mercury incorporated) place in their mouths.

There are a number of mercury free fillings that are available in our office.  Dr. Spindel is a New York restorative dentist able to restore teeth with  composite bonded fillings (bisgma based resin hybrid fillings), gold inlays, porcelain onlays and miracle mix restorations (used as an interim filling for patients teeth prior to crown placement).  Miracle mix is a glass inonomer filling material, high in fluoride, which has the metal fillings from silver fillings added for strength , but without the inclusion of  mercury.   Miracle mix is especially advantageous for restoring root decay on geriatric patients who have a high likely hood of recurrent decay.  In these individuals this type of restorative material(high in fluoride) seems to offer some protection from recurrent decay that other restorative materials lack  

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