I have spent most of my life living in and around New York City. In New York we have a density of talented and knowledgeable people probably unsurpassed in the world. We are fortunate to be the number one destination in the U.S., of immigrants, and the varied talents of our population has made New York a melting pot not only of people but their ideas as well. Consequently, New York City has been the stating point of many important endeavors and business ventures.

As far as dentistry is concerned, although innovation obviously occurs in many locations all over the world, much innovation in dentistry has occurred in New York City. Ceramometal crowns were invented by a private New York City Dentist. Porcelain Veneers were also invented by a New York Ceramicist, Adrian Jurim(an immigrant from Rumania!). The truth is that New Yorkers have contributed to the advancement of dentistry in many other areas, too numerous to mention here.

Probably the thing about New York most responsible for our innovation is the density of talented people here. Yes it is a competitive environment, but surprisingly also a cooperative place. In my office building alone we have over forty dentists practicing in close proximity. Although you could say we are ‘competitors’,I have found my New York dental colleagues to be helpful and generous with their broad knowledge of dentistry. I have often sought and received helpful advice from them and there is a general feeling that we are all in this profession together and we do help each other on a regular basis.

Probably because of our close proximity, it is difficult to look at our fellow New Yorkers as ‘others’ and we tend to see them as part of our New York Family. There is a genuine pride in our City and a desire for our continued mutual success. Our competitive spirit is probably in part responsible for breeding the innovative talents of New York, with many people generously sharing their ideas and experience with others.