Posterior Composite fillings

By Lawrence Spindel  DDS, Saturday Oct 31,2009

Dentist New York


Direct Posterior. Composites are single visit restorations that are usually have a fee that often only about a third of what a indirect inlay might cost. Back in the 1990’s I placed a number of indirect post composite inlays and onlays. They worked well and have been serviceable restorations, but their cost to the patient was much higher than a comparable direct composite filling.   As I placed more of the direct composite restorations , I developed additional confidence that these restorations were comparable to the indirect variety in terms of their longevity and were a true service to my patients, at only one third the cost of their indirect laboratory produced cousins.   Currently, I place very few composite inlays and onlays, but instead recommend direct composite restorations for small to medium size fillings and crowns for teeth with compromised tooth structure. It is my opinion well done direct posterior composite restorations, represent an exceptional value  both in terms of their relative cost and length of service!