Pregnancy can have a number of different effects on women. Each woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. One common dental problem experienced is gingivitis. Some woman even experience bone loss around the teeth(periodontitis).

It makes sense for expectant mothers to take extra special care with their home care during and after their pregnancy. They should brush well (about two minutes) and floss properly. A visit for a cleaning and examine is definitely in order.

During pregnancy, some woman apparently respond by becoming more sensitive to plaque in their mouths and consequently their gums become inflamed and bleed easily. Some woman even experience bone loss around their teeth during pregnancy.

Occasionally, during pregnancy, a patient’s gums swell intraproximally and form a ‘pregnancy tumor’. This is not a real tumor. It is really a pregnancy granuloma and it gradually goes away after the pregnancy. It does not need to be removed!

Usually elective dentistry, other than a check up and cleaning, is not planned during pregnancy. If a woman does experience a true dental emergency most obstetricians Ok emergency treatment. If possible these treatments are scheduled between the second and third trimesters. If you are experiencing a dental emergency it is best to consult both your obstetrician and your dentist for advice.