Restorative Dentistry is really a catch all phrase , describing the art of restoring damaged and lost teeth. Dentists repair decayed teeth by placing fillings. Dr. Spindel is a NYC cosmetic dentist who generally places white composite fillings which look most natural, are mercury free and are comfortable for the patient. If the damage to the tooth is more extensive a he may choose to protect a tooth by covering it with a crown, which will protect it by distributing the stress to the tooth in a more favorable manner.

Dental implants provide an artificial tooth to replace what is or will be missing for people who have either lost teeth or are going to need teeth extracted. Although the implant oftion has only really achieved popularity in the last 20 years , implants are probably the best way for a restorative dentist to replace teeth that are missing or have a poor prognosis.

It has become possible for restorative dentist to fix teeth in a natural way , without any metal restorative materials visible. Credit must be shared with New York Dental Laboratories whose work is some of the best in the world. When visiting the office make sure to look at our Before and After Photo books to see what natural results that can be achieved!