If your between 20 and 25 and have partially erupted wisdom teeth, generally, removal of wisdom teeth is recommended.  If you are significantly older the decision can be more complicated.

It is true that wisdom teeth that are partially and fully erupted are more prone to periodontal problems and that these problems can adversely effect the second molars,and maybe even your health. However, even after many wisdom teeth are removed, a residual infraboney pocket sometimes remains behind the second molar and that can also make future gum problems more likely.

Infections of the wisdom teeth can often be treated successfully with oral antibiotics, but if your tooth repeated requires antibiotic therapy than the wisdom tooth’s removal is usually indicated, unless it’s removal carries a significant surgical risk.  Wisdom teeth are often removed as part of the treatment of active periodontal disease since they are hard to keep clean and even in a otherwise clean mouth tend to exhibit inflammation.


According to the American Dental Association Website:

Extraction of wisdom teeth is generally recommended when:

Wisdom teeth only partially erupt. This leaves an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause an infection. Pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and general illness can result.

There is  a chance that poorly aligned wisdom teeth will damage adjacent teeth.

A cyst (fluid-filled sac) forms, destroying surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots.



Another Review study sited on the Ada website points out that there is no evidence to support(or refute) the routine removal of assymptomatic impacted wisdom teeth.  It also emphasized that impacted third molars do not  cause anterior crowding and thatwisdom teeth removal will not prevent further crowding.


Ultimately the decision on what to do about your wisdom teeth should be discussed with your dentist, including possibe risks of surgery and possible risks of keeping them.  Often there is no simple answer, but with the help of your dentist, you will be able to make a well informed decision.