By Lawrence Spindel DDS, April 11,2010     


Our practice makes use of topical applications of monocycline in order to make periodontal pockets shrink.  Specifically we use the product Arestin, that consists of minocycline hydrochloride Microspheres, allowing the timed release of monocycline in pockets. This application, along with a clean adjacent root surface, tends to promote healing in periodontal pockets and can result in lower probing depths over time.

Our hygienists commonly place arrestin in pockets 5mm or greater at patients regularly scheduled cleanings. Most of our patients at risk for periodontal disease are encouraged to schedule 3 month return visits  and often have arestin placed in pockets 5mm or greater in depth. It is not unusual to see a pocket shrink in depth after repeated arestin applications.  Although it doesn’t work every time, it is relatively affordable if used in one or two sites and is a valuable nonsurgical tool in the treatment of periodontal disease.