We proud to offer comprehensive dental services to our patients including the following:   

Preventive services

Dr Spindel emphasizes preventive dentistry.  We encourage frequent cleanings , generale xaminations , dental radiographs and oral hygiene.  Often minimally invasive bonding repairs are performed to cover any exposed dental surfaces that may errode if left exposed to the oral environment.  Arrestin is placed in inflammed periodontal pockets found during recall examinations.

Periodontal services

Root planning, low dose doxycycline therapy, and Oral hygiene instruction are used to control periodontal disease and prevent bone loss.  Often times doxycycline antiobiotic therapy is used as adjunctive therapy.


Invisalign is often more acceptable to patients than traditional orthodontic treatment and also can provide patients with a beautiful smile without any major alterations of their teeth.

Restorative and Cosmetic dental services

Porcelain Veneers, Free hand bonding, posterior and anterior composite restorations, Lava crowns, Porcelain fused to metal crowns, Full gold crowns, gold inlays, porcelain inlays and onlays,Dentures both full and partial.  Patients have many good choices that can be used in restoring teeth and Dr Spindel is skilled at providing these  treatments.

Oral Surgery

Both simple and surgical extractions.  Bone Grafting for ridge preservation

Endodontic treatments

 Our office used rotary endo instruments made from nickel titanium which help navigate the curved canals often found in teeth. A three dimensional warm guttapercha technique is used to fill all root canals.

Second Opinion consultations

 We are happy to do second opinion consultations

Submission of Dental Insurance

The staff is skilled at submission of dental insurance claims and prides itself in helping our patients navigate the steps involved with using your dental insurance.