Dr.Spindel has a reputation for providing natural looking esthetic bonding so that teeth appear not to be altered or filled. He is uses some of the best cosmetic dental laboratories in NYC., so his crowns and porcelain laminates look highly cosmetic and function great. Dr.Spindel has been whitening teeth since 1984 and has created  hundreds of whiter and more cosmetic smiles.

He has had an interest in dental cosmetics since he graduated from dental school and has been providing New Yorkers with porcelain veneers and free hand bonding procedures since his midtown practice was established in 1984. While he is comfortable with both types of procedures he especially enjoys “free hand bonding”. This is often a simpler and less invasive procedure. The dentist adds composite bonding material to teeth in order to make improvements to the smile in one visit. Often these enhancements are virtually painless and require little or not local anesthetic.

diastema                             diastema_closed

Before Cosmetic Bonding                               After Cosmetic Bonding

Composite “mock ups” can be applied to the teeth prior to a dentist actually bonding the material to patient’s teeth and these temporary composite “dress rehearsals” allow both Dr. Spindel and his patient to preview proposed changes before they are actually made. Since less time is involved and there is no laboratory fee, free hand bonding is often a more affordable option than veneers or crowns made by a dental laboratory.

Free hand (or Cosmetic) bonding is generally the best option if you are generally happy with your teeth’s appearance and they only require some modest enhancements. Sometimes a small change can greatly improve the overall appearance of a smile!

small black space between central incisors

after small bonding addition



Free hand bonding is not limited to small changes and can even be used extensively to create quick affordable smile improvement. The photographs below display a patient who refused recommended Orthodonture but wanted a quick and affordable change to his smile. The result was achieved in several visits and included both tooth whitening and bonding and he was happy with this change. (subsequently we lengthened his left lateral incisor, but do not have the photo of this change.)

Teeth too yellow with misalignments

After Tooth Bleaching and some composite bonding


Tooth whitening (tooth bleaching) is also a great way to improve a smile and Dr Spindel is a cosmetic dentist who has whitened hundreds of his patient’s smiles. Brightening a patient’s teeth is a perfect way to highlight a smile. In fact when a person smiles their teeth are their brightest attractive feature and that is what people notice about them first. If teeth are amenable to bleaching, it is probably Dr. Spindel’s favorite cosmetic dental procedure for his patients.

Dr Spindel was certified to provide Invisalign since 2003 and it can be a wonderful way to change a patients appearance. When combined with other simple procedures such as whitening and small bonding procedures it can often eliminate the need for more invasive dental procedures.

Dr, Spindel is a New York Cosmetic Dentist whose skill in performing cosmetic dentistry is recognized by both his patients and his peers and in 1997 he was elected to a fellowship into the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics!

Below are a just a few samples of Dr. Spindel’s dental work. Cosmetic Dentistry can improve the appearance of your teeth and give you the smile that you have always wanted!

If you are interested in finding out more please look through our website or call the office at 212-685-0312 to set up a consultation appointment.


Unrestored Cuspid Baby tooth                                          After Cuspid Restoration

Whitening a smile can easily and safely accomplished by either using home tray bleaching or by Zoom tooth whitening: a simple in office procedure. Often patients choose a combination of both approaches which when combined provide a rapid and affordable option. We provided have hundreds of satisfied patients with whiter and more attractive NYC smiles!

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