Dentists planning  smile makeovers can utilize many different treatment options to best achieve  improved smiles.  All though porcelain veneers are quite popular, they are not the sole option that dentists have at their disposal when planning smile makeovers! Just some of the procedures that cosmetic dentists can choose from are invisalign braces, implant restorations, teeth whitening, connective tissue grafts, bonding, teeth recontouring ,  teeth extrusion or teeth intrusion (orthodontically), Procera crowns, Lava crowns, smile lifts, ovate pontics, and cosmetic bonding using a tooth colored composite material. Dentists planning  smile makeovers truly have a broad palette of procedures from which to choose. Furthermore,  I believe it best  to inform  patients about any treatment modalities that might be of use, the time and money involved and any potential complications. Smile makeovers can be accomplished in one day, one week or even over the course of two years.

An initial consultation for a complete smile makeover can take one or more visits, depending on how complicated the projected treatments will be. If specialists will be involved they will also have to meet the patient.  Impressions of the mouth may be made and sent to a laboratory for a cosmetic wax-up that will provide a glimpse of a possible final result.  Smile makeovers are often a collaborative effort involving the restorative dentist, dental lab(s). and possibly a specialist or two.Although in my experience many patients ready for a smile make over are anxious to get started,  it is usually best to carefully explore the possible options they have and determine the best individual plan for their needs.

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