It seems that the trend to travel abroad for medical and dental care is gaining popularity. More and more people are willing to travel to take care of their health needs. Much has been written about people, without insurance, taking vacations to distant locations which potentially offer the lure of inexpensive ‘quality’ health care

In New York City we have a concentration of truly qualified medical and dental professionals, probably unequaled in the world. If you know where to look you truly can have access to the best care. In my opinion, probably due to the devaluation of the dollar, there is an increase in the number of individuals who are seeking services from New York Health professionals.

Arranging a visit to New York to take care of dental issues and take a vacation could be a good idea. It is certainly a good place to get consultations and it can be a good place to have procedures performed, assuming you have the time for your follow up care. Often times the follow up care is very important in achieving a positive outcome.

Our office has been getting inquiries from all over the world about the various dental procedures we offer and the inquiries are welcome, but please, be aware that we can only offer limited advice without actually examining a patient in our dentist office. Also, please be aware that many of the procedures, take time and can take more than two weeks to complete.

Implant dentistry can require multiple visits over a period time that can exceed one year. If bone growth is required, patience is needed. As one of my dental colleague and experienced implantologist, wisely pointed out “Implants are a good procedure in search of a good site”. Certainly, it is true that successful implants are dependent on the quality and amount of bone available to hold the implant. If a patient has missing teeth at a site which doesn’t provide adequate support, then the site will need bone grafting and ‘site improvement’ to be able to support a future implant restoration and this usually involves time.

Some cosmetic procedures can accomplished in less than one week. Zoom Bleaching t takes only an hour and half and often can brighten smiles with great success. Free hand bonded fillings can be placed in one hour appointments and with proper planning, porcelain veneers can often be fabricated and placed in a week.

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