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 Preventive Dentistry in Action

Lawrence M Spindel, DDS  Tuesday, February 19, 2007


Preventive dentistry and education is a key component in achieving and maintaining your health. If by being proactive we are able to prevent problems from occuring then that is preventive dentistry.  Going for cleanings often, using an oral b electric toothbrush, making sure you clean well between your teeth and limiting carbohydrate and sugar junk foods are all examples of “Preventive Dentistry” in action.   Similarly , by understanding what procedures are available to you, as well as some of the potential challenges to your dental health, you will feel confident and make better choices regarding your dental treatment.

Many Studies have shown the strong correlation between periodontal disease and cardiac disease.

It may very well be true that if we prevent periodontal disease we may be helping prevent cardiac disease!

Good oral  hygiene at home, combined with a healthy diet and frequent professional cleaning are the keystones  of Preventive Dentistry.  Also important is a thorough dental ezamination to pick up problems as early as possible.  We’ve all heard the adage “A stitch in time saves nine”!  Nothing can be truer pertaining to dental health and overall health.  Fixing a cavity that is small requires only the placement of a small filling, but waiting until it hurts, and then fixing it, often results in a root canal, post and crown.

The more complicated the procedure , the more likely it is to fail and when “dentistry fails us” we can lose teeth. Too often I hear the refrain” well can’t I  just get implants if I lose my teeth?” .  Although implants can and do work well they also can be extremely costly and require even more maintenance than your own teeth and many edentulous patients wear dentures.

Education is really the key to preventive dentistry.  If a patient is really well instructed and given tools that work for them, they really can better maintain their own dental health!  I have  observed many  patients, who after a course of deep cleanings, oral hygiene instruction and proper implementation of that hygiene at home, have”cured” their periodontal disease.  No, they don’t growback all bone that was lost, but their teeth firm up, their bone gets more dense, healthier, and their gums don’t bleed! Often periodontal pockets can go away.  Some of my patients  came with apparently hopeless teeth which have firmed up and over a period of years become healthy.  These teeth are indeed missing significant bone but are no longer hopeless!

If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in over a year it is time to stop think about it and just call a dentist!  If you would like you are welcome in our practice- call 212-685-0312



We have declared July Preventive Dentistry Month! We are celebrating by offering electric toothbrushes to patients having a full series of X-rays, cleaning and checkup in July. To view our press release click here