We are extremely pleased to report that our practice has received the Opencare Patient’s Choice Award! For the last four years Opencare has awarded The Patient’s Choice Awards  to medical health professionals  who have the highest Opencare Score.

According to Opencare, this score is:

based on compiling and analyzing thousands of patient ratings and reviews. By combining what current and past patients have said along with a review of their professional record and years of experience, you now have a complete picture of who the best dentists are and how they rank among each other”…

The goal of the Opencare Score is to allow the best clinics to shine through so they can maximize the number of patients they can help. This is our way of rewarding the highest quality clinics for their commitment to outstanding patient care. Clinics with the highest Opencare Scores will receive the Patients’ Choice Award, a badge of their dedication to quality care.

“We must thank our patients for this award, since it is their kind online reviews that have been responsible for our practice receiving this honor! We will continue to be committed to providing our best dental care to them in the caring manner that they are accustomed to”                                   Lawrence Spindel and Staff