This is an interesting question and I will try and answer this as honestly as I can. Most people look for a painless and caring dentist. No one wants to go to a dentist who gives a painful injection! Another priority frequently mentioned is that the dentist should be up to date and have a reasonably modern office and dental equipment. Clearly being current is high on most people’s list for a good dentist. It would be nice if he (she) were affordable( does the dentist accept my insurance? Most people also seem interested in whether the dentist has week end or extended office hours

Although these issues are obviously important, I think you should look for a dentist who has” good word of mouth”(pardon the pun). The person referring you should recommend their work. Their recommendation should not primarily focus on their equipment or the quality of their dentist’s sense of humour or whether they are scratch golfer etc. None of these issues has much to do with their ability to be an excellent dentist. Although there have been some really great high tech improvements in the dental field (Ni-ti rotary endodontics, warm gutta percha 3D-fills, electric dental hand pieces, Digital X-rays, caries detector, and tough all porcelain crowns are some). Having a high tech dental office does not by itself insure that a dentist is capable of providing beautiful dental work that lasts. Dentistry is both an art and a science. The dentist must be able to perform careful detailed work to achieve long lasting and trouble free results.

Pick a dentist because he or she is good at dentistry. Good dentists must be a good communicators to help educate you about preventive dentistry as well as a good technicians to perform actual dental procedures. They must be caring about your special needs, be able to intelligently answer your questions and come up with solutions that are right for you. When asking for recommendation from a friend or a doctor find out how long they have known the dentist and why they like him or her!


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