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Implant FAQ s


Do Implants work?

 Implants have been demonstrated to work well by numerous studies and by the vast experience of dentists around the world. Originally when implants started gaining popularity as a method for replacement of missing teeth,  many dentists were skeptical, but most have become converts and will attest to the effectiveness of implant supported restorations.

 How long does it take to get an implant?

 Although an implant can be placed in a single visit, often preoperative planning can take time. Often study impressions are taken and a preoperative cat scan is used to help select the position and type of implant used. Most often single tooth implants are not immediately ‘loaded’(have a crown and a post attached). Instead they are allowed to remain dormant for 4- 6 months prior to having an abutment (post) and a prosthetic crown placed. In the anterior ‘esthetic zone’ often a temporary crown and abutment is used to help facilitate healing of the gingival tissues around the implant and help insure that the permanent implant restoration will be more predictably esthetic.

Due to the multiple steps involved with implant placement and restoration fabrication the entire process can take seven months or more depending on the position of the implant to be placed and the amount of bone available. If bone grafting is needed the amount of time needed will likely be longer.

Will I have a temporary tooth in place while waiting for my permanent implant replacement to be completed?

If an implant is placed in a ‘non esthetic’ zone (the posterior of the mouth), than often no temporary is needed. An abutment (post) and a crown can be fabricated on a model and inserted when they are complete.

If a patient is missing a tooth is the anterior esthetic zone, often a temporary denture can made that will replace the missing tooth until an implant supported tooth can be fabricated.

How much does an implant cost?

This is not an easy question to answer since often multiple procedures are needed to complete the implant replacement of a missing tooth. Each procedure is billed out in an ‘ala carte’ manner by either the implant surgeon or the restorative dentist responsible for the implant crown.

Since every case is different this question is best answered after a thorough consultation with both the surgeon and the restorative dentist.

 That being the case, it is not unusual for a single implant and implant abutment and crown to have fees in excess of six to seven thousand dollars. If multiple implant replacements are needed the cost of treatment will certainly be multiples of this figure.

 Is it painful to get an implant?

 Patients often don’t describe the placement of an implant as a painful experience. In fact mostly they comment on the length of time that the process can take and not the’ pain’ involved.

 How long does an implant last?

 Implants can provide extremely long lasting and predictable results. Many studies have shown them to last longer than fifteen years 95% of the time. This degree of success and length of service is probably better than most other dental procedures.

 Does an implant restoration look real?

 This probably depends on the quality of the implant site and the skill of the implant team involved (surgeon, restorative dentist and dental laboratory). Many of the implant restorations I have placed look like teeth and certainly are difficult to distinguish from crowns placed on natural teeth.