Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS Custom Tray Bleaching


Custom Tray Bleaching 

by Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS, Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 6.30 AM


Tray bleaching is probably the best and most popular way for patients to whiten their teeth.  It has been in use since the 1990’s and is a procedure that has truly stood the test of time.  It appears to be safe and is a most affordable option for our New York patients.  Unlike in office teeth whitening  procedures the patient can apply the bleach to his own teeth as often as he or she desires.  For an initial expense of about $500 the patient has a shrink wrap mold made of his or her mouth.  This mold is often worn at night with a special bleaching solution(usually 16% carbamide peroxide solution) for a period of one to three weeks while the teeth gradually whiten.  During this whitening period the patient briefly stops into our office for a quick visit so that we may monitor the teeth whitening process.  When the teeth reach the desired shade ofr whiteness the process is over.  The whitening can last for years but does tend to diminish slowly over time.

Touch ups, although not requiered, are usually best done once per year and are accomplished by wearing the trays with bleaching solution for one or two nights only! (approximate cost $25)

Often patients choose a combination teeth whitening  option which allow them to have both the Zoom in office teeth whitening treatment and also have custom trays made to allow a better and faster result than they might accomplish with either process alone.