November 16,2015       Dentist New York-Dr Lawrence Spindel
Opalescence Go

We have been recommending this 15% peroxide based tooth whitening system to our patients for over six months now. It is an affordable and simple system for whitening for patients without much anterior crowding.Each box comes with 10 packages of preloaded trays . Each package has two trays- one for the top and one for the bottom teeth.  Patients are instructed to wear the trays during the day for twenty minutes. We allow our patients to sample it in our office before purchasing it. Many have tried it and most of them have ended up purchasing a kit, even those who have custom bleaching trays already.

This product is doesn’t involve a “serious commitment” of time and money and is extremely easy to use. Because there is some minimal technique needed to properly apply the trays we always have patients try out it out with our supervision the first time, but after one supervised session, most need no further help and can accomplish their whitening at home, whenever they feel like it. Most have been satisfied with the result  and buy more when they come back for their next check up and cleaning.

This product can also be used during the day before an evening event to achieve a more “glowing” smile and each treatment takes just twenty minutes and most patients do not complain of long lasting tooth sensitivity afterwards. I have used it myself and its my new favorite way to whiten my own teeth!