Periodontal pockets of 5mm or more can be treated by first thoroughly debridgment of the pocket, followed up with a placement of a suitable topical antibiotic.  Our pracitce has been using different topical antiobiotic placements to help eliminate pockets since the late 1980’s.

Currently this practice uses Arestin to topically treat discreet pockets of 5mm or greater.  This is usually placed in pockets by the hygienest after she has performed a cleaning and found pocketing.  The treatment is fast, painless and affordable($45/application). Arestin  is compsed of minocycline time release granulesi that are gradually released over a three week period.

Often Arestin can be used repeatedly in problem areas and often the pocket readings gradually decrease over time.  At the very least, one can assume,  for a period of time after placement, the area of placement remains “disease free”.

Sometimes a patient presents with multiple pockets of 5 mm or more. This patient may undergo a series of deeper cleanings (root planning) and be put on a regimen of oral low dose doxycycline (20 mg tablets).  Afterwards the patient is placed on a 3 month schedule for cleanings and followed carefully.  If a patient does exhibit discreet pocketing of 5mm or more Arestin can be used at any recare appointment.