Zoom tooth whitening is probably the most popular in office light assisted whitening system.among dentists. Teeth whitening has never been easier.  In less than an hour and a half your teeth can be safely whitened and you will leave our New York dentist office with a brighter smile!

Zoom tooth whitening is a process that Whitens and Brightens your smile. You will loose no natural tooth structure.


Dentist New York zoom_before

Dentist New York zoom_after

Before Zoom tooth whitening

After Zoom tooth whitening

These results can be accomplished in about an hour and a half session with the dentist in our New York   office with little or no discomfort.

We now offer the Zoom tooth whitening system in our office as seen on ABC’s Extreme makover!

Zoom Chairside Whitening 

Zoom tooth Whitening works well and can be used by itself or in conjunction with home tray bleaching. Patients can safely* have their teeth whitened in under 2 hours with little discomfort.  Listen to your favorite music and leave our New York dental office with a brighter smile the same day!  This is instant gratification!  If you have an event to go to and want to look your best this is your fastest option for tooth whitening.  We have many satisfied patients who have been whitened.  Keep in mind , although the response to this form of whitening is overall very positive, some patients have reported some transient tooth sensitivity(less than 48 hours).  Also as in all whitening procedures there is allways some rollback; Initially your teeth will be brighter than they will be in 2 weeks.  Sometimes more than one treatment is needed.  Often Zoom tooth Whitening is best followed up with a course of home bleaching to finish off the tooth whitening process and allow for affordable touch-ups.

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*To see a list of possible medications that this products manufacturer  feels may possibly be contraindicated for patients choosing Zoom click on the following link: Zoom Photoreactive Drug Information