Lawrence M. Spindel DDS Zoom One Visit Tooth Whitening Technique


Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS Zoom Whitening Technique           


 Zoom One Hour Whitening Technique

by Lawrence M. Spindel, DDS, Saturday June 13, 2009

 I have been a practicing Cosmetic Dentist in New York City for over twenty years. In that time I have performed many one visit whitening procedures, with many different systems. I guess it is OK to admit that this procedure has improved over time and I have learned a few tricks along the way.

The most important factor to success is to use good fresh bleaching product. It should be kept away from light and refrigerated until just before use.Prior to using the gel, I place it in a tall cup of hot water. Not so hot as to scald, but hot. I check it by seeing if I can hold my finger in it comfortably for 20 seconds without having to remove it. I leave the bleaching solution (it is still in its light proof plastic container) in this hot water for at least 10 minutes. It is important that the solution is brought at least to room temperature. It seems that the process is temperature sensitive and works best with warmed bleaching solution (but not hot bleaching solution.)

 Before applying the solution to the teeth, I carefully mask all exposed gingival with a specially formulated block out medium that protects the gums from the effects of the bleaching solution and from the UV light that is used to enhance the whitening process. I currently Use the Zoom Advanced Power Light by Discus Dental. This is a UV light which the manufacture claims potentates a better tooth whitening. U.V. rays may be good for whitening, but they are harmful to skin and gingiva. Consequently great care should be taken to mask any tissue and keep it from prolonged U.V. exposure.

 After protecting the gums and skin, the bleaching process begins. The light has a timer and the manufacturer recommends three fifteenminutes bleaching cycles. Before each cycle the teeth should have fresh warmed bleaching gel placed on the teeth and left alone for 15 minutes.

 In theory this whole process could take about an hour, but I find that if I am careful about protecting the soft tissues from the whitening solution and the UV rays  the process takes me about one and a half hours to complete.

 Afterwards most patient’s teeth and smiles are noticeably brighter. They also tend to be sensitive to air and cold water. In my experience, this sensitivity tends usually tends to last for less than 24 – hours.

 Patients are instructed post bleaching from temporarily avoiding things that might stain the teeth such as Black teas, Black coffee, and Red teas or juices This precaution is usually only necessary for approximately two weeks when freshly bleached are considered more porous and prone to picking up stains.

 I strongly recommend combining this light assisted in office bleaching with custom tray bleaching.  The combination of the two tooth whitening techniques allows for teeth to be both rapidly whitened and allows patients the opportunity to either continue further whitening their smile and also allows for affordable touch ups at a later time.  Touch ups are often desired in 6 months to a year after initial tooth whitening.