The term micro abrasion as it applies to dentistry refers to a procedure that often done to eliminate very superficial intrinsic stains and discolorations in superficial layer of enamel.  A slurry of pumice and a strong acid solution are applied to the tooth surface to ‘micro abrade’ the stain out, sometimes without the need of a filling.  This procedure predates the advent of bonding material.  When I do this procedure for a patient, usually no anesthesia is needed.  I take a very fine bonding diamond and abrade away the stain. If a small defect is created by the bur I cover it with a skim coat of a translucent bonding composite.  If the enamel is perforated I use a tooth colored composite to ‘spackle’ the defect.  The results are usually quite good and the repair is almost invisible to the naked eye. Often the only way to see the repair is to dry the tooth so that the slight difference in texture is visible.

This procedure is especially good to get rid of small discolorations that bleaching has failed to whiten.  Teeth should be bleached to desired color prior to placement of any anterior bonded restorations on facial surface of a patient’s teeth.