After your cleaning appointment your teeth are dazzlingly clean! Now the ball is in your court; it is up to you to maintain the health of your mouth. Bacteria immediately start growing and within 72 hrs hard deposits will start to form.  Please brush and floss your teeth in the manner we discussed  at your cleaning appointment.  If we have recommended an alternative to flossing(using a proxabrush or stimudents) it is best to do it regularly.  You do not have to be perfect to have a positive effect!

 Although everyone needs to have their teeth cleaned regularly( for some that is 3mos., 4mos, or 6mos) how you take care of your teeth in between cleanings is even more important. No matter how diligently one cleans his (her) teeth, some plaque will be left behind. Within 72 hours hard deposits start to form and bacteria left undisturbed becomes increasingly virulent. The best reason for frequent cleanings is to get rid your mouth of this bacteria  before it  has a chance to do damage.

For the most part gingivits and periodontal disease is painless. Your body’s immune system responds to the bacteria and will send blood the the area to fight it off . Initially this is gingivitis, but as the battle continues the inflammation deepens and your body starts losing the battle.  The tissues pull away and retreat, and the mouth can experience pocketing (crevices more than 3 mm in depth) and/or  gum recession.

You have the ability to stop and or prevent this. For the average person it will take 6 mos for the deposits to reach a level where damage will begin.

I t is best to come in for a cleaning before your mouth feels dirty !